Nanoparticles as an alternative to the use of pseudo-allergenic additives in winemaking and fungicide traditional treatments in the Rias Baixas D.O.’s vineyards

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Objective: Our goal with this project is to search for alternatives for the use of biocidal products in the complete production, ageing and winemaking process, which requires continuous step by step monitoring: the whole wine production process.

Description: In Galicia, the climate is favorable to fungi diseases which are widespread in the region and in addition to this, the origin of plants is never certain.

La Val intends on establishing precedents of control, which is why we’ve already performed trials for two years and for the third year we’re moving to a testing phase. During trials, we’ve treated some areas with traditional products and used products based on nanoparticles in other areas, repeating this process for two consecutive years. On the one hand, we’ve monitored several plants with different phenological states to track the effectiveness of the treatment. On the other hand, our company has introduced a new winemaking protocol to eliminate the sulfurous substances in the final stages of the process and in the next harvests we’ll conduct new tests on previous stages.

Lastly, Bodegas La Val wants to achieve more, and replace the sulfurous substances in the barrel disinfection process; testing on this subject has already begun and will continue for the rest of the project.

Results: The current results are primarily hopeful, mainly in the vineyards and barrel disinfections, and even though they will be confirmed during this project, the tests in the winemaking process have already been proven to be less effective.

Co-funded project with FEDER Funds through the Operational Program Smart Growth 2014-2020

CDTI funded project.



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